Radio copy

Client: Department of Health and Ageing
Product: Quit for you. Quit for two
Title: ‘Cravings’
Key number: BCM1631
Size: 45 sec
Date: 5 June 12
bcm:5-Jun-12 10:37 AM

1st woman : For me... it was anchovies.

2nd woman : Pineapple. From a can.

FVO : When you’re pregnant, some cravings are okay to give in to.

But when your craving is for cigarettes, that's worth fighting.

When you choose to quit smoking you get the toxins out of your system. And you lower the risk of miscarriage and serious health problems for your baby.

So quit for you; quit for two.

Phone Quitline to talk to people who'll give you the support you need.

And ask about our free smartphone app, full of great tips to help you get through the cravings.

Woman : Pickled... onions.

Voiceover : Well, at least one of your cravings!

Quit for you. Quit for two.
Phone Quitline on 13 78 48.

Authorised by the Australian Government, Canberra.
Spoken by P. Caswell, S. Ray and S. Hall