Choosing to live a smoke free life benefits you, your family and your community. Quitting smoking is one of the best choices you can make for your health, and the health of those around you.

Quitting smoking can be tough for some, but getting the right support will help make quitting easier.

The Australian Government is committed to reducing smoking rates in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities to help close the gap in Indigenous health outcomes. Through the Tackling Indigenous Smoking program, regional organisations are supported to help Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people understand the impacts of smoking, how to quit, or even better, to never start.

Professor Tom Calma Tackling Indigenous Smoking National Coordinator, Professor Tom Calma, is calling on everyone to work together to create healthier communities:

“I encourage my brothers and sisters, Aunties and Uncles and our young ones to give up smoking, avoid taking it up, and help others you care about to choose the no smoking path, so we can all lead long and healthy lives. We are the longest, continuing and surviving cultures in the world and we need to be the healthiest ones also.”

Visit the Tackling Indigenous Smoking webpage for more information about the program.

Remember, for more help visit your local health service, download the My QuitBuddy or Quit for You Quit for Two app, call the Quitline and speak to an Aboriginal counsellor or visit the How to Quit webpage of the Quitnow website.