While we know about the negative health effects of smoking, some of us still take up the habit. Being around the people who smoke has a strong influence on whether you choose to take up smoking, particularly if your friend or family are smokers.16

Beating the nicotine addiction is one of the best things that you can do to set yourself up for a healthy future.

Staying smoke free or starting a smoke free life has many benefits for your health. It will make you feel better, look healthier, as well as helping your wallet.

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The benefits of being smoke-free are endless...

  • You are young so you should look it and feel it
  • Have more money to spend on things that benefit you
  • Your clothes don't stink like cigarette smoke
  • Live a long and healthy life.

Some people believe "Smoking won't do anything until you are older" or "You cannot get sick or dies from passive smoking", but smoking can affect people at any age, even if it is second-hand smoke.

To get more facts on how smoking impacts you, watch the Smoking Story.

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If you're a teacher or health professional working with young people, visit the No Smokes resources page to get ideas to help you spread the smoke-free message.

16 Johnston, V, Thomas, D, Westphal & Earnshaw, C. 2013. Starting to smoke: Experiences of Indigenous Youth, The Lowitja Institute, Melbourne. Available from http://www.lowitja.org.au/sites/default/files/docs/Starting%20to%20Smoke-FINALweb.pdf