Identifying warning signs and overcoming setbacks

Having ‘just one’ is the way that most people go back to regular smoking. Quitting means resisting the urge to smoke even one cigarette, despite the cravings, the habit, the pressure and your own emotional reasons.

Common warning signs

You keep thinking ‘Just one would be OK’ or ‘It'd be great to smoke just one a month or one a week’. But why weren't you smoking just one a week before you quit? The answer is because tobacco is extremely addictive. That's why you've had to work so hard to quit. Don't let nicotine control you again!

You're really missing smoking and question whether quitting is worth the effort. Sometimes quitting can be really tough, but you can get through it. Find other ways to treat yourself and keep doing things that you enjoy every day.

You take puffs of other people's cigarettes but excuse it as ‘not really smoking'. You know it's only a matter of time before you find yourself buying a pack. Ask your friends and family not to give you cigarettes, no matter what.

Did you have one of these warning signs when you quit last? Remember, you can get help from the Quitline if they start to build up or things go wrong next time you quit.

If you have a cigarette

Don't let one cigarette lead you back into full-time smoking. Think of how long you have gone without a cigarette and tell yourself ‘I am determined to quit. I have only slipped up once. In the past, I would have smoked 15 a day. I can get back on track and give it up’.

If you go back to regular smoking

Don't despair. Plan another date to quit as soon as possible. Most people who have quit smoking for good have made several serious attempts. It may take you a while to learn to be a non-smoker. Although you may be feeling disappointed, you should take pride in what you have achieved. Every day you spent smoke-free made your body healthier and helped to break your habit and weaken your addiction.

Keeping your good habits will help weaken your addiction for your next attempt. If you have made your home and car smoke-free, keep them that way. Try to delay your first cigarette of the day by keeping your new morning routine, for example, have a shower and breakfast first.